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Another breeding requirement for Caucasian Shepherds is passing a series of psychological tests. These tests check the behaviour of the dog in the presence of people and other animals, responses to unusual situations, sounds of shots as well as its mental resistance. (...)

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The hip dysplasia is diagnosed on the basis of clinical and radiological examination. The first check-up should be performed when the dog is approx. 3-4 months old. Early detection of the disease enables the treatment to avoid serious consequences of dysplasia later in life. (...)

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The knowledge of animal behaviour, particularly in relation to dogs, have been spontaneously and successfully developing around the world, especially in English-speaking countries, leading to its practical application. Specialists with an extensive knowledge and increasingly expanding experience are now considering it a branch of science. (...)

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It is of utmost importance to widen the gene pool of the Boerboel as various detrimental conditions are either destroying the breed or looming in the background. We as guardians of the breed should take charge and through clever decisions ensure that the breed faces the future with confidence and sound health conditions. (...)

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The BREED IMPROVEMENT SCHEME of BOERBOEL INTERNATIONAL consists of four different actions that culminate into one comprehensive report on the specific Boerboel that takes part in this excellent process. The BIS process determines the TOTAL PRODUCTION INDEX of the specific Boerboel. The importance of this scheme can not be accentuated enough (...)

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If the new owner lives far away and the puppy needs to be transported via plane, the service is provided by a logistics company with necessary knowledge and capabilities backed by a decade of international experience. (...)

Matings and frozen semen

We provide our dogs only with breeding bitches owned by legitimate and licensed breeding kennels. Mating is performed in our facilities with the use of fresh semen. We can also send chilled or frozen semen. (...)