matings and stud males

We provide our dogs only with breeding bitches owned by legitimate and licensed breeding kennels. Mating is performed in our facilities with the use of fresh semen. We can also send chilled or frozen semen.
We cooperate with the Department of Reproductive Sciences at the University of Wrocław, which operates under the guidance of prof. Wojciech Niżański, Ph. D. We can send frozen semen to any country in the world. The transportation is provided by courier companies authorized to transport hazardous materials. Semen is transported in disposable or reusable containers.

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When collecting the semen from the sire for freezing or cooling, it is assessed for viability and the morphology of sperm is examined as well. Certificate for the quality of the semen is made available to the prospective buyer. Only quality semen is suitable for freezing. Low-quality semen will not be suitable for use after thawing.
The purchaser must first determine how many doses of semen he will need and how much sperm is considered a single dose. This is necessary because of the different procedures of insemination with frozen semen. The cost of frozen semen depends on the quantity of sperm (number of doses) and the import requirements of the country of destination. Frozen semen can be stored without a time limit, in contrast to cooled semen, which is usable for only a few days. Our experience shows that when the date of mating is set out and and a quality semen is used, the effectiveness of mating with frozen semen is high.