AIR Transport

Bracco MB - air transport of puppies

If the new owner lives far away and the puppy needs to be transported via plane, the service is provided by a logistics company with necessary knowledge and capabilities backed by a decade of international experience.
When preparing transportation of puppies via aircraft, both temperature and space are taken into account. The company works exclusively with carriers affiliated in IATA which guarantees safety and comfort consistent with international standards. The price of transportation depends, among other things, on weight and size of the puppy and determines the choice of a carrier. The image below shows which dimensions of the dog are important when choosing the size of the cage.

Dimensions of the puyppy taken before choosing of travel crate


Land transport

Bracco MB - land transport of puppies

If possible, we use land transport to send a puppy. It reduces both the stress for the dog and the costs incurred by the buyer.
We cooperate with a transport company qualified to transport the animals. The company is run by a veterinarian and a breeder. Puppies are put into transporters and transported in an air-conditioned car. During the transportation, the animals receive water and food and are taken for short walks.

Where on the world you can meet dogs from our kennel