boerboel male
"... For over three hundred years of its history, Boerboel has been selectively improved and used as a guardian and protector of the people, farms and all the possessions kept there"

He was a family dog and protector of children, a reliable hunter with strong endurance to hardships of African life, a fighter and human companion. The century-long strict selection provided this dog with an enormous strength, resistance to the inconveniences of rural life and illnesses, a sense of independence and the ability to make decisions, as well as with strength, courage and the ability to fight virtually every opponent, and above all, the ability to form a close relationship with its human master. Boerboel, if having a right temperament, is a true friend of man – and in the literal sense of the word. It not only understands and immediately responds to commands but can also instinctively sense thoughts and intentions. It always knows when its master feels threatened and intuitively guesses whether he approves of approaching strangers or not. Depending on the situation, it reacts immediately and without any hesitation. These features are reflected in boerboel from an early age, and when it is still a puppy you can sometimes see it growling menacingly in response to a sudden noise, as if to tell his master: "I'm here all the time and I will always defend you against any threat, oblivious to my own safety". It is assumed that a boerboel that develops properly should manifest characteristics of guardian and defensor at the age of 6-10 months.

Boerboel is not a dog of a single master and is known to care about the entire human family, of which it is its full member and protector.

In its mind, the family belongs to him and must be defended, even at the risk of its own life if necessary. Young children are of its particular concern. It is often their most faithful friend and playmate...

Today, Boerboels are as strongly attached to their human family and as protective as their ancestors from 200 or 300 years back.

In modern life, in a highly urbanized areas in different parts of the world, where all sorts of crime are not uncommon, a big, strong fighting dog that is able to protect the loved ones can be an effective deterrent. Boerboels are perfect for this job. It is generally a well-balanced dog, not impulsive or overly aggressive (usually it is just for show), but when the lives of its loved ones is threatened, it immediately attacks the aggressor with a loud and terrifying lion-like roar, and he is ready to fight to death, with no regard for its own safety...Boerboels are emotionally tied to their human families and are very eager to accompany them in all activities of daily life and follow them everywhere. They do not cause troubles, are not intrusive or harmful to others and do not show signs of aggression towards other animals. These Molossers are calm by nature and can behave "properly" in almost every situation.

One of the conditions for establishing proper relations with this dog is its appropriate treatment.

Boerboel requires appropriate level attention and care. It must feel loved and bestowed with respect and trust. Only when treated properly it will show full devotion, it will be faithful until death and always ready to be the guardian and protector. It is difficult to expect a full understanding, devotion and reliability from a dog kept in a cage, one that is badly treated and only supplied enough food to survive.


A modern Boerboel is a result of strict genetic selection, which has been lasting for hundreds of years and a countless number of generations. Therefore, its unique temperament is a true treasure that must be carefully cultivated and cherished. Only high quality and integration of the external appearance with a proper psyche can result in a genuine, top-quality Boerboel.


Daniel Capricorn